Japan trekt zich terug uit de volkenbond 27 maart 1933

Japan trekt zich terug uit de volkenbond 27 maart 1933
Japan trekt zich terug uit de volkenbond 27 maart 1933

The Imperial Rescript, Relating to Withdrawal from the League of Nations, Proclaimed on March 27, 1933.

When the League of Nations came into being upon the restoration of a general peace, Our Imperial Father was pleased to order the entry of Our Empire thereinto; and We, in Our turn, have laboured assiduously to fulfill the high purpose of the late Emperor. It is thus that Our Empire has for these 13 years past extended consistently its cooperation to the League.

Now Manchoukuo having of late been founded, Our Empire deems it essential to respect the independence of the new State and to encourage its healthy development, in order that the sources of evil in the Far East may be eradicated and an enduring peace thereby established. Unhappily, there exists between Our Empire and the League of Nations a wide divergence of view in this regard and it has devolved upon Us to cause Our Government to take, upon mature deliberation, the necessary steps for the withdrawal of Our Empire from the League.

However, the advancement of international peace is what, as evermore, We desire, and Our attitude toward enterprises of peace shall sustain no change. By quitting the League and embarking on a course of its own, Our Empire does not mean that it will stand aloof in the Extreme Orient, nor that it will isolate itself thereby from the fraternity of nations. It is Our desire to promote mutual confidence between Our Empire and all the other Powers and to make known the justice of its cause throughout the world.

Every country is overtaken today be emergencies of an unprecedented magnitude. Our Empire itself is confronted by a situation fraught with momentous possibilities. It is indeed an hour that calls for an intensification of effort on the part of Our entire nation. We command that all public servants, whether civil or military, shall faithfully perform each his appointed duty, and that all private citizens shall pursue their wonted tasks with diligence. Stray not, in advancing, from the path of rectitude; and in action, embrace always the golden mean. Strive to meet the present situation with a united will and with courage and resolution. So may We carry forward the glorious work bequeathed by Our Grandsire and contribute to the prosperity and well-being of Mankind.

His Imperial Majesty’s Sign-Manual
Privy Seal.

The 27th day of the 3rd month of the 8th year of Showa.

(Countersigned) Viscount MAKOTO SAITO,
Minister President of State.

Minister of State for Finance.

Minister of State for Home Affairs.

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

Minister of State for Railways.

Minister of State for War.

Minister of State for Education.

Minister of State for Justice.

Minister of State for Commerce and Industry.

Minister of State for Agriculture.

Minister of State for Overseas.

Minister of State for the Navy.