Tweede Wereldoorlog

(United States, Department of State, Bulletin (Government Printing Office, Washington, 1945), XIII, 427-428.)

10 September 1945

The President The White House

Dear Mr. President: President Wilson, under date of July 31, 1919, addressed a letter to Secretary of War Baker which read, in part, as follows:

“It is hard to find a satisfactory ‘official’ name for the war but the best, I think, that has been suggested is ‘The World War,’ and I hope that your judgment will concur.”

Subsequently, under date of October 7, 1919, War Department General Orders No. 115 directed:

“The war against the Central Powers of Europe, in which the United States has taken part, will hereafter be designated in all official communications and publications as ‘The World War.'”

As a matter of simplicity and to insure uniform terminology, it is recommended that “World War II” be the officially designated name for the present war covering all theaters and the entire period of hostilities.

The term “World War II” has been used in at least seven public laws to designate this period of hostilities. Analysis of publications and radio programs indicates that this term has been accepted by common usage.

If this recommendation is approved it is further recommended that the title “World War II” be published in the Federal Register as the official name of the present war. (See 10 Federal Register 1188.)

Respectfully yours, HENRY L. STIMSON, Secretary of War

JAMES FORRESTAL, Secretary of the Navy.

Approved: September 11, 1945 HARRY S. TRUMAN