TRANSLATION of Foreign Minister Shiegemitsu’s credentials

H I R O H I T O , By the Grace of Heaven, Emperor of Japan, seated on the Throne occupied by the same Dynasty changeless through ages eternal,

To all who these Presents shall come, Greeting!

We do hereby authorize Mamoru Shigemitsu, Zyosanmi, First Class of the Imperial Order of the Rising Sun to attach his signature by command and in behalf of Ourselves and Our Government unto the Instrument of Surrender which is required by the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers to be signed.

In witness whereof, We have hereunto set Our signature and caused the Great Seal of the Empire to be affixed.

Given at Our Palace in Tokyo, this first day of the ninth month of the twentieth year of Showa, being the two thousand six hundred and fifth year from the Accession of the Emperor Zinmu.

| Seal of | | the | Signed: H I R O H I T O | Empire | Countersigned: Naruhiko-o Prime Minister