Translation of Emperor Hirohito’s Receipt of the Surrender documents


Accepting the terms set forth in the Declaration issued by the heads of the Governments of the United States, Great Britain, and China on July 26th, 1945 at Potsdam and subsequently adhered to by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, We have commanded the Japanese Imperial Government and the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters to sign on Our behalf the Instrument of Surrender presented by the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers and to issue General Orders to the Military and Naval Forces in accordance with the direction of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers. We command all Our people forthwith to cease hostilities, to lay down their arms and faithfully to carry out all the provisions of Instrument of Surrender and the General Orders issued by the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters hereunder.

This second day of the ninth month of the twentieth year of Showa

| Seal of | | the | Signed: H I R O H I T O | Emperor | Countersigned: Naruhiko-o Prime Minister

Mamoru Shigemitsu

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Iwao Yamazaki

Minister of Home Affairs

Juichi Tsushima

Minister of Finance

Sadamu Shimomura

Minister of War

Mitsumasa Yonai

Minister of Navy

Chuzo Iwata

Minister of Justice

Tamon Maeda

Minister of Education

Kenzo Matsumura

Minister of Welfare

Kotaro Sengoku

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Chikuhei Nakajima

Minister of Commerce and Industry

Naoto Kobiyama

Minister of Transportation

Fumimaro Konoe

Minister without Portfolio

Taketora Ogata

Minister without Portfolio

Binshiro Obata

Minister without Portfolio