Start van het strafproces tegen Duitse Medici, NUREMBERG 1947


Straf proces tegen Duitse (NAZI) Medici die zich schuldig hebben gemaakt aan misdaden tegen de mensheid.


WORLD IN FILM. Issue no. 79, “BEGINNING OF TRIALS AGAINST GERMAN DOCTORS, NUREMBERG” – Summary: Courtroom personnel stand as the tribunal files in and take their places. An American officer calls out the names of the chief defendants. Pan, defendants in dock including Siegfried Handloser, Herta Oberheuser, Rudolf Brandt. Brig Gen Telford Taylor addressing court. HS, tribunal. All plead not guilty to the indictment. “TIERGARTEN PLOWED UP, BERLIN”(Issue No 52).: Berlin, Germany. Pan of Tiergarten. British tractors and bulldozers help cultivate the soil. Women help to dislodge tree roots. Pan of the Victory Column in the area. Men and women till soil and sow seeds; covering rows of potatoes planted in soil. “MAUTHAUSEN TRIALS – DACHAU”(Issue No 52).: Dachua, Germany. The American Military Court pronounces death sentence on those responsible for the crimes committed at Mauthausen. Defendants: Eigruber, Klimowitsch, Spatzenegger, and Zoller.

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