Reichstag Speech March 7 1936

“I would like the German people to learn to see in other nations
historical realities which a visionary may well like to wish away, but
which cannot be wished away. I should like them to realise that it is
unreasonable to try and bring these historical realities into opposition
with the demands of their vital interests and to their understandable
claims to live. I would therefore like the German people to understand
the inner motives of National Socialist foreign policy, which finds it
painful that the outlet to the sea of a people of 35 millions is
situated on territory formerly belonging to the Reich, but which
recognises that it is unreasonable and impossible to deny a State of
such a size as this any outlet to the sea at all …. It is possible
that politicians, particularly by invoking might, may carry out such
violations of national interests; but the more frequently this happens,
the greater becomes the pressure for an outlet of the excited and
constrained powers and energies.”