Summary: LS, Chief US Prosecutor Robert H Jackson speaking. Pan, prisoners box showing Hermann Goering, Rudolf Hess, at first trial. MCUs, Gruber, Grand, Green, SS men standing trial. Pan of Mauthausen criminals. “

POLICE RAID BLACK MARKET, BERLIN AND VIENNA(Issue No 27).: Vienna Austria, and Berlin Germany. VS, soldiers and police round up black market operators. MSs, soldiers search suspects. VS, trucks take prisoners away. ”

BELSEN AND NUREMBERG”(Issue No 26). Germany. VS, war criminals (concentration camp guards, etc) men and women enter court building in Belsen. VS, prisoners in dock. VS, dead at Belsen concentration camp. LS, court building in Nuremberg. VS, German prisoners working in courtroom. MS, US Justice Robert Jackson leaving building after inspection tour. LS, prisoners walking in prison yard. VS, cell block. VS, MP looks into peep-holes of cells marked “Goering”, “Von Ribbentrop”, “Seyss-Inquart”, “Doenitz”, “Von Papen”, and “Streicher”.

AUSCHWITZ TRIAL, CRAKOW, POLAND”(ISSUE NO 137).: Crakow, Poland. LS, Building in which the trial was held. Ints, courtroom as judges file in. Cut-ins around courtroom and showing several of the prisoners. The trial was conducted by a Polish Tribunal and resulted in the sentencing of the people guilty for the death of 300,000 prisoners.