Kurt Feldt Generalmajor (1887 – 1970)

Kurt Feldt (November 22, 1887 in Schmentau – March 11, 1970 in Berlin) was a German Cavalry officer.

At the beginning of the First World War Feldt entered the service of the German Cavalry, being enlisted in 1. Kavalleriedivision. During that war and the Interbellum, he would remain part of that unit, and other regiments, until commanding it in the next war. During the first years of the Second World War he was with his division involved in many campaigns and battles, the most autonomous operation being the occupation of the northern provinces of The Netherlands in May 1940, leading to the Battle of The Afsluitdijk. In June 1940 he happened to capture Saumur, the seat of the French Cavalry, where the famous Cadre Noir was located. When 1. Kavalleriedivision was transformed into 24th Panzer Division in 1942, he in April that year became Befehlshaber South-West and later commanded Wehrkreis VI (Westfalen). In 1944 he fought in France and the Low Countries against the Allies until being captured by the British.