Heinz Harmel Brigadeführer (1906 – 2000)

Heinz Harmel (29 June, 1906 in Metz, Lorraine–2 September, 2000 in Krefeld) was a highly decorated German Waffen-SS officer.

He enlisted as a soldier in the Reichswehr, then studied agriculture and remained an army reservist. When Adolf Hitler came to power he joined the SS-Verfügungstruppe and then the Waffen-SS. Following the outbreak of World War II he took part in the invasion of France and then served on the Eastern Front. He had by then reached the rank of Obersturmbannführer (LTC) with the SS-Pz.GrenRgt 3 “Deutschland” and served with them until he was wounded in 1943.

He was promoted to Brigadeführer in April 1944 at the age of 37 and commanded the 10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg and was then involved in the Battle of Arnhem. He continued to command the division until the German surrender in 1945.

He was then a prisoner of war in the United Kingdom for 2 years. Upon his release he returned to Germany and worked as a sales representative.

He died in Krefeld aged 94.