FRENCH DIPLOMATIC DOCUMENTS (1938-1939) (French Yellow Book)

(Also known as The French Yellow Book)

Papers relative to the events and negotiations which preceded the opening of hostilities between Germany on the one hand, and Poland, Great Britain and France on the other hand.

Electronic version by permission of the French Government.


Germany’s Word of Honour

(July 11, 1936-September 26, 1938)

PART ONE The Munich Agreement and its Application
(September 29-October 4, 1938)

PART TWO The Franco-German Declaration of December 6th, 1938
(October 19-December 22, 1938)

PART THREE The End of Czechoslovakia
(January 5-March 19, 1939)

Part Four The German-Polish Crisis
(March 27-May 9, 1939)

Part Five The Danzig Question
(May 15-August 19, 1939)

I The Militarization of the Free City
(May 15-June 30)

II German Agitation Continued
(July 1-July 30)

III The Polish Resistance and the German Press Campaign
(August 1-19)

Part Six The International Crisis
(August 20-September 3, 1939)