Action in the North Atlantic uit 1943


Action in the North Atlantic 1943 Poster2

      Action in the North Atlantic is a 1943 war film directed by Lloyd Bacon, featuring Humphrey Bogart and Raymond Massey as sailors in the U.S. Merchant Marine in World War II.


The oil tanker mastered by Captain Steve Jarvis (Raymond Massey) is sunk in the north Atlantic Ocean by a German U-boat. He and the first officer, his friend Joe Rossi (Humphrey Bogart), make it to a lifeboat along with other crewmen. When the U-boat crew start filming their plight they respond with rude gestures and are rammed. The men swim to a raft and are rescued after 11 days adrift.


During their brief liberty, Steve spends time with his wife Sarah (Ruth Gordon), while Joe meets and marries singer Pearl O’Neill (Julie Bishop). The film cuts to the union hall where merchant seamen – including the survivor’s of Jervis’s last ship – spend their time waiting to be assigned to a new ship. One of the crew jokes about getting a shore job, or maybe one on the Staten Island Ferry. The others prove unamused, and shame him into signing along for another ship.

Then, it is back to sea on a new Liberty ship, the SS Seawitch, on a convoy carrying vital war supplies to the Russians at Murmansk.

Convoy 211 is attacked by a “wolfpack”. There are losses on both sides, but the convoy commander is forced to order his ships to disperse. One persistent U-boat chases after the Seawitch, but loses contact in the night. A pair of Heinkel He 59 seaplanes find the freighter and attack. Both are shot down, but the second crashes into the bow. Steve is shot in the leg during the battle; Joe has to take command. The U-boat sights the ship again and hits her with a torpedo. Joe orders the men to set fires and make smoke so that it appears as if the ship is sinking. When the submarine surfaces to finish her off, Joe rams and sinks it. The Seawitch then limps into Murmansk to a warm Russian welcome.

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Action In The North Atlantic   Original Trailer 1943